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Nebraska's College Savings Plans

Higher Education. An opportunity to explore the mind's potential. Grasp that opportunity with NEST College Savings Plans. These unique plans offer you a smart savings strategy with simple investment options and low fees. And you can easily manage your account on our secure website. For more information go to

The NEST Direct and the NEST Advisor 529 College Savings Plans offer:

  • Low asset-based fees
  • Tax-advantaged investing
  • Flexible investment options
  • Rewards and Scholarships
  • Convenient service at this bank and all First National affiliated banks throughout the state of Nebraska

Start saving this year with our easy automatic investment plan and payroll direct deposit options.

Automatic Investment Plan (AIP)

AIP is a savings options that allows you to automatically contribute to your NEST account directly from your personal checking or savings bank account on a recurring basis.

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January 17, 2013 – First National Bank Awards $5,290 in Nebraska Educational Savings Trust Bonuses

Payroll Direct Deposit

Ask your employer if you can contribute directly from your paycheck.

Start today. The sooner you begin, the more time your savings have to work for you to reach your savings goals.